40A Single Phase Over Voltage , Under Voltage and Current Protector

Original price was: KSh2,500.00.Current price is: KSh2,000.00.


This is a new device in the market that has the following functions:

  • Automatic Under Voltage Protection
  • Automatic Over Voltage Protection
  • Automatic Overcurrent Protection
  • The parameters can be easily set by the user.
  • It has an Auto Reclosing Function after pre-set time.
  • It has on delay timer

Main parameters

  • Input Voltage : 140-300V
  • Over voltage Value: 230-300V, Default Value 270V
  • Over voltage Recovery Value: 225-295V, Default Value 265V
  • Under Voltage Value: 140-210V, Default Value 170V
  • Under Voltage Recovery Value : 145-215V, Default 175V
  • Over Current Protection Value: 1-40A , Default Value 20A
  • Overcurrent Recovery Value : 0.5-39.5A
  • Action Time: 0.1-30s, Default 1s
  • Recovery Time: 1-500s, Default 30s
  • Continuous Overcurrent Fault Times : 1-20times, Default: OFF
  • Power Consumption: Less than 2watts
  • Power On Delay Time: 1-500s, Default 10s
  • Wiring: Top Entering, Bottom out to the load
  • Boundary Dimensions 86x38x68mm
  • Mounting Type: DIN Rail


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